Jolly Buoy Island, Tour Andaman

Jolly Buoy Island 2020: Things to do, Best Time to Visit

Jolly buoy and Red Skin Island have the same route to reach as they are located at Mahatma Gandhi National Park. This place is a no-plastic zone as people have to submit all their plastic items at the beach jetty only. Plastic bottles or bags are not allowed here.

The best part of Jolly Buoy Island is the underwater coral life that looks stunning and through glass bottom boat you can experience this all life. Isn’t this so amazing? Trust me the coral reef experience that you will have here isn’t obtainable anywhere else. It is simply eye-catching and mesmerizing here. As you know that it comes under National Park so yes you need permission to visit and book tickets prior.

To reach here first reach to Wandoor jetty which is just 30 km away from Port Blair and then you leave to Jolly Bouy in a boat. This takes around 40 minutes to reach here and then your amazing journey starts.

Well here you are yourself responsible for your belongings and there is no space for kids and lady’s dress change. So you need to take care of all your things. Well, but in case of heavy rain and uneven temperature, you can take the shelter at Eco huts. This feels so amazing waiting under the huts with no worries and feel is totally natural. If you are planning a trip to Andaman Island make sure that you check whether these islands us open or not, otherwise you are going to miss much. The best time to visit in Jolly Buoy Island is 6 Months in a year, from November to April.

Jolly Buoy Island is one of the destinations of the whole Andaman that is in very much demand. Make sure you are going to visit here anyhow. It will surely be going on a memorable trip. Book the tickets now and enjoy the tour.

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