Neil Island, Sitapur Beach, Tour Andaman

Sitapur beach Neil Island 2020: Everything You Need to Know

After office or from any hectic schedule we all want a peaceful place where we can calm our mind and body. This is obtainable at home only. But after home what I prefer is to go to a beach. It is the place where you feel more relaxed. 

The blue water sound and the sand fragrance just gives you the sense of freedom that you always want. This is why we all prefer a place of soft sand and water when it comes to vacations as well. 

For this purpose, I think that if you are going to Andaman Nicobar Island your all the frets are away already. Here the collection of beaches is so beautiful that we all want to go there and feel like staying. The place is very much soothing in itself. So coming on one of the best places on the Island, Sitapur Beach in Andaman. 

Well, it lies at the tip of Island just 5 kms from the market. Sitapur Beach is 43 km from Port Blair. It is famously known as Sunrise beach because of its location. From here one can enjoy the amazing blue sky morning sunrise and the lovely morning. You must have seen in your books or that postcard location, displaying beautiful scenery and sun. 

Well, it is just like that picture view. The water waves and the sun look stunning. In fact, the water is crystal clear that makes the mood go wow and you feel like swimming there. 

Well as the location is on the tip of the island so the currents and high tide are generally higher and stronger. You will find countless palm trees around making the atmosphere more pleasant and cherished. 

Cold and moist air is the best part. Also, the serene beach is never crowded. Also, it has some caves and you can buy fresh coconuts from here. 

This is one of the most exciting beaches to visit once you step in Andaman and Nicobar.

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